Our TeamWho We Are

What makes J Taylor different? To start, our staff is 75% family. Because of this, we approach your family's finances the same way we approach our own. We carry the characteristics we value as a family into our business—dependability, transparency, and integrity.

Our SolutionsWhat We Do

Wealth Management

From health to wealth, your family's financial future should be managed with confidence and excitement. Our friendly financial advisors will help you craft a wealth management plan in line with your family's goals and values.

Asset Management

Making the right investment decisions shouldn't keep you awake. Our approachable investment management specialists combine their expertise with rigorous research to keep your investment portfolio healthy for years to come.

Retirement Plan Consulting Services

We have the services your business needs. Since you have enough to do in running your organization each day, you can count on our service, technology and experience to assist you with the important needs of your business.

Our ProcessHow We Do It

Though every path to financial security and wealth is different, there's immense value in leveraging a roadmap to success. At J Taylor, we're dedicated to helping your family not only understand the map but travel the path with confidence.

Like any family-to-family relationship, we welcome your consideration—deciding if our family is the very best fit for your family. Unlike many bulkier firms, we invite your entire family to meet ours. Upon meeting, we can discuss your goals—for your finances, your family, and your future. Understanding your aspirations, we can share our immensely diverse financial services that would best help you achieve those goals.

Our ReasonWhy We Do It

When asked our primary reason for doing what we do, our answer is always the same—family. Our founder, Jerry Taylor (known by many of us simply as "Dad") started in the industry over 30 years ago with the intent to help families navigate financial uncertainties. His motivation continues as our focus as we work to make your family's financial future one less thing to worry about. Whether we're managing your wealth or maintaining the health of your asset portfolio, what drives us is our ability to foster peace of mind and give you more time with your family.

"We're a family-first full-service financial firm." - Jordan Taylor, J Taylor Financial Advisor