Just sit down and think about it. If I were to go today, what would people think about me? If I were to go today and I was able to provide a gift  or provide some sort of support to some organization, how would that make me feel? And I think that, it's an open-ended question. It's different for everyone.

One of the jobs that I do is provide a financial plan. And so once we've gone through all of the planning aspects for cash on hand, retirement, the next step would be going into, what does it look like when you're gone? What do you want your legacy to be? What do you want to leave behind? How do you want to be remembered? How am I going to take care of my kids and my grandkids? And am I going to be able to leave my legacy that will help them out over the next several years? Is it you want to be remembered for giving your church a financial gift? Is it that you have a passion about your university or your school, or your favorite charity and, and donating to them.

 I've had a couple people that have been very active in the Rotary Club. And there's various ways to become donors.  One of them is to pledge a portion of your estate when you pass to the Rotary International  Fund. We've been able to do that  with a couple clients and, really it's boiled  down   to having a conversation.   While they're kids will be well-taken care of, their grandkids will be well taken care of, and now they've got this little piece that will go and do the great work that Rotary does.  For that particular client, it  really helped them out just knowing that, Hey, it's more  than just me being able to pay for my expenses and not have a job.  It's how can I leave the world a better place? And I think that they were very happy whenever the planning process was done.

I think when you only focus on retirement, you miss the bigger picture.  For me, that's for my family, that's for my little girls, that's for my wife, that's for my sister.    We're here to focus on, at least in my opinion, service above self, and  how to make this world a better place. So whenever you get past  the  numbers of retirement, ,  and you get more into that legacy aspect of it, I think it gets more personable. And I think that whenever clients realize that it's not just about dollars and cents,  it can be very impactful, and it can not only change their lives, but change the lives of their kids, grandkids, or whoever else out there.