Family Values and the Career of Kellie Schuttler

While Kellie is the only one at J.Taylor Private Wealth not blood related to me, she is part of the family.  As she is an integral part of the team, let’s dive into what makes her tick.

The Backbone of the Business

Kellie Schuttler is our registered client services manager, and we describe her as the backbone of J. Taylor Private Wealth. Kellie hasn’t always been in the financial field. In fact, when she was younger, she had a variety of jobs, including working at McDonalds and Walmart. She first entered the financial world at the Bank of Oklahoma, where her aunt worked. After getting her foot in the door, she joined the payoff department. Eventually, she became a receptionist at UBS. After a short period of time, UBS realized she would be better to get out on the floor and work with the brokers.

Kellie took the next step by getting her license so that she could perform tasks like buying and selling securities on behalf of clients. She also has her broker-dealer license, which allows her to help in ways most assistants cannot.  Kellie worked with Dad and me at UBS, so when we started J.Taylor Private Wealth, we were fortunate to have her join us.

Working with the Family

While not technically a member of the family, Kellie might as well be! Kellie is truly the backbone of J. Taylor Private Wealth. While Jerry and I focus client relationships and financial strategies, Kellie does a lot of the day-to-day operational work. Jerry, Kellie, Hannah, and I work together as a team to provide clients with the best service possible. Some of Kellie’s regular tasks include performance reporting, research, and day-to-day trading. Her goal is to help with these tasks as much as possible in order to free up Jerry and me to grow the business. When it comes to working with clients, Kellie’s interpersonal skills are top-notch. She considers each client as family!

Kellie’s Advise

Kellie has one smart piece of advice for any new client: diversify! There’s more good advice where that came from. J. Taylor Private Wealth provides clients with financial investment management services so that their money can be kept safe and can grow. Come see for yourself how our family-owned business can help you with your money!