Family Values and the Career of Hannah Craver

A Family Affair

J. Taylor Private Wealth is truly a family affair. Dad and I started J. Taylor Wealth work side by side. Then, my sister Hannah joined us. Hannah does a little bit of everything at the firm, including greeting clients, submitting data to compliance organizations, and the cashiering side of the business. Hannah loves working every day with the family. We love that all our clients get greeted by Hannah upon arriving at the office!

All About Hannah

Hannah grew up playing soccer, which she continued doing at the University of Tulsa. Hannah is not the only University of Tulsa alumni in the family. Dad went there, too.

During college, Hannah was busy! In addition to being a rockstar on the soccer field, she also studied public relations, communications and advertising, and graphic design. The range of skills she learned in college helped her as she navigated through different types of jobs after graduating.

Once Hannah graduated from college, she was hired by Sampson, with about 12,000 employees, to handle public relations. She spent her days going back and forth to Houston, working on tasks like putting together company events and press releases and trying to get the company involved with the community. Eventually, Hannah decided to join Dad and me in the family business. Hannah has an adorable 4-year-old son named Ezekiel, who you may see from time to time in the office.

From PR to Financial Investment Management

Hannah grew up hearing all about the financial investment management world from Dad. She knew all his clients and considered them family friends. When Hannah decided to come work with us, she knew she had a lot to learn and joined the team as a client service associate. Kellie has been integral in helping teach Hannah the ropes. Hannah uses the skills and techniques she learned at Sampson and in college to help her navigate her career in finance. She makes sure our compliance is up-to-date with the regulating firms of Triad and Fidelity we use. There is a checklist of items to be provided to these organizations each month, including outgoing correspondences, received checks, and more! She also uses her background and skills in PR when she meets with current and potential clients. Hannah is the first face people see when they walk into the office. She is friendly, welcoming, and will always work to get client questions answered.  She is a pretty good sister, as well.

The Scoop on the Family!

Hannah loves working with Dad and me. We believe in the concept of work hard, play hard! She is definitely a hard worker. Hannah and I are 5 years apart, and we became much closer when she was in college. Hannah made sure I included the fun fact about me that I once managed an Abercrombie & Fitch! (Hey, you have to learn those customer service skills somewhere!) Hannah praises our dad for his ability to maintain current client relationships. He has worked with some of the same people for years, thanks to his kindness and professionalism when working with clients.

Hannah’s Advice

Hannah has one great piece of advice for new clients: do your due diligence to make sure you feel comfortable with whichever financial services firm you plan to use. At our family-owned firm, we believe you get better service than at a big firm where you could easily get lost in the crowd. Hannah, Kellie, my dad, and I are sure that clients will find the financial help and support they need while enjoying the friendly family atmosphere of J. Taylor Private Wealth.